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Deep Cleaning Treatment $80
Deep Cleaning AK2 "Acne" Treatment $95
Aromatics Radiance Treatment $95
Glygolic Treatment $80
Maya Advance Skin Treatment $150
Hydradermie Treatment $110
Intensive Anti-Aging Vitamin "C" Treatment $130
Liftosome Treatment $100
Fruity Enzymatic Treatment $115
Skin Lightening Treatment $120
Speciality Treatments
Ultrasound Tighting $99
Microdermabrasion $99
AFA'S (Amino Acids) $150
Photofacials I.P.L. $250
Medical Microdermabrasion $200
All of the skin and facial treatments are different much like each individual's skin type. To find out which treatment works best for you, please feel free to call the salon for more information regarding each skin and facial treatment. For the Speciality Treatments please call for more information.
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